WineHQ and Linux: Battle Buddies in Operating Syetems

A popular program used to run applications in Linux is Wine, giving gamers a taste for fun and great games. As with everything, however, there can be issues arise that can make it frustrating when they find that some games seem to work better in Windows than in their beloved Linux. There are ways to confront these problems which are easier than one might think. Having each other’s back is something Linux and Wine are getting better at all the time.

Hide and seek is not fun when one is looking for files that seem to disappear after they install a game. When you receive a message telling you something is missing, then doing a little research to find them can help you immediately clear up this issue. Search for the files and when you locate them be sure to put them in the System 32 folders found in the Wine program folders. Problem solved!

Still, another problem could occur when a particular game does not appear to be running the way that it should. In this case, check some things out about the game first. Just as some teams have stronger players than others, some games are more popular and work better. Start by going to WineHQ and checking comments that may be there regarding the game in question. Negative ones? Perhaps some advice will also be on there to help regarding settings. Other gamers could have had a problem and when they figured it out, they are good about leaving tips on how to handle that particular situation. It is one of the most popular and well-liked sections of WineHq.

As with other things, while these pieces of advice work most of the time, there are times when things simply do not want to work. Games can fall into that category as well, especially when one has been made for a specific operating system that differs from Linux. Just as computers and technology have improved over time, the ability to play games without a lot of issues and troubleshooting is expected to successfully work as well.

WineHq has tried to breach the vicious circle Linux systems have found themselves, which has made them stagnant in Gaming applications. WineHQ encourages the reuse of windows gaming applications, thereby dramatically lowering the barrier that prevents gamers from using the Linux operating system. Although this solution is only an evolving one, but it encourages more game makers to make games viable in the Linux operating system.

The use of WineHq for gaming has proved specifically controversial in the Linux community, as some feel it is preventing, or at least hindering, the further growth of native gaming on the platform because it has been observed that the existence of Wine has made vendors are less likely to write native Linux gaming applications.

In the meantime, follow the suggestions above and you will find a lot of freedom and fun playing Windows games in Linux with the great battle buddy called Wine. Great minds work together. Imagine how great Wine and Linux can be!