Install Linux to Your Sony PS3

Sony’s Playstation 3 (PS3) as it is aptly named, sold millions worldwide, was generally created for video games. However, the PS3 has a bigger computer capability than just games. For instance, did you know that a physicist was able to use several PS3s to make a supercomputer? To add, it works 10 times better than a desktop computer and it cost him much less than the millions an actual supercomputer would be cost. However, if you are not a scientist or the air force, you probably don’t need joining several PS3s to build a supercomputer. But, the power of the PS3 remains. Harness the power of your PS3 and you will have a computer that will definitely be more powerful than a regular one. You get yourself a game console/supercomputer all in one, without having to burst your pockets.

What you need is to install Linux and your PS3 transforms into a game console and more. You will be able to check your emails, check Facebook, watch Youtube as well as create documents among others. Essentially, you can use your PS3 the way you would a desktop computer. You can even add a keyboard and mouse. More importantly, Sony will continue to honor your warranty even with Linux installed. The Yellow Dog Linux distributed by Fixstars Solutions is one of the few operating systems that support the PS3 system.

It is important to note that you should always back up any important information or saved games before installing. You do not want to have a new computer yet lose all your important data. After ensuring your back up, you can then proceed with the installation. To install Yellow Dog Linux on your PS3, your firmware has to be 3.21 or lower. Newer updates will not have the “OtherOS Install” function in the XMB, which will allow you to install Linux or any other OS.

Keep in mind that installing Linux does not forego your PS3s ability to play games. It just means that your PS3 will house two operating systems in its drive. Upon start up, you will be given a choice to use either the PS3 OS or the Linux OS at any one time. There is more. By installing Linux you can run emulators allowing you to play older games like Sega. Linux also allows you to play different types of media and files. You can also take advantage of network sharing on the Linux OS. This allows you to connect, use and retrieve files across different computers.

You have the power of a supercomputer in your PS3. You just need to see it for more than its game-playing prowess and create it to be more than you thought. Installing Linux onto your PS3 won’t cost as much as a new desktop computer and it gives you more power and flexibility. What else are you waiting for? Get off your couch and install Linux for your very own supercomputer-game console all in one.