Gaming on Linux

There’s a reason why the world of gaming (video games, that is; gambling is another story for another day!) is a global multi-trillion dollar behemoth: When gamers become immersed in their virtual realities, they will pay good money for the addictive games, operating systems and the ensuing experiences – along with the inevitable upgrades and updates.

However, what many gamers don’t realize is that using Linux can work just as well as the Windows operating system. Though it is less popular and commands a much smaller market share of operating systems, true to its nature of being a collaboration of free and open-source software, it can be much less expensive to game on Linux.

Gaming in this style on Linux is made possible through the WineHQ project. This project manages WINE, an acronym for “Wine is Not an Emulator. Wine is an open-source technology that allows users to install and then run Windows applications on other operating systems – including Linux. But instead of just simply simulating internal Windows logic – much like how a virtual machine or emulator would (hence, the acronym of how it’s NOT an emulator) – Wine does key, critical translations that allow the users to integrate Windows applications cleanly and, to be frank, quite simply.

With WineHQ, gamers can try games freely on Linux before committing to them. This allows great flexibility and user control over the gaming experience. Gamers will have considerably less risk when they venture into new gaming territory and experiences. If they don’t like a certain game, no problem – they didn’t even have to spend a dime on it first. The risks and rewards balance here is definitely favorable to the gamer.

Whatever the original intent of the Wine acronym, it also provides for a great analogy of the gaming experience. Think of it like this: People will pay good money for exceptional wine because they know they are getting their money’s worth for something with an unquestionably quality. That wine becomes even more valuable when they can share it with guests and showcase its quality. The wine’s value only starts to trend up when the wine adds to the ambience of, say, a dinner party or evening of hosting and entertaining.

With WineHQ, gamers get an indisputable quality experience on Linux. When they have gaming parties (whether virtually or physically), the value of the experience only starts to trend up when all gamers can engage in the same activity with little or no interruption REGARDLESS of each player’s operating system. But UNLIKE real wine, gamers won’t have to pay a large amount of money upfront to get this quality experience!

Experience gaming on Linux like never before with WineHQ ( It’s simple to install. Make sure you follow installation instructions. Once everything is complete and good to go, get ready to have an enjoyable, risk-free, cost-free experience like never before! Much like good wine and the pleasantness that accompanies it, you’ll find plenty of things to like with having WineHQ be at the heart of your ultimate gaming experience.