Free Linux Games

Damn Small Linux. Can be this computer operating system useful even for regular people or only as a computer nerd, you will find it as an excellent tool for learning Linux commands and running the operating system? My answer is “YES”. Use of this small operating system opens the door to numerous details that you might not even know about. One of advantages of DSL is the fact that once you have downloaded and installed it, you will get immediate access to several free games, which I would like to present in this article.

There are two ways how to access these games. First is to click on the DSL button located in the lower-left corner. Second then is click on the Apps icon toward the top of the screen. In the next step, you can choose one of the eleven available games.

List of the free games available in DSL:

In this article I will examine just the first five games, as I would like to save the rest of them for a companion article. But because we will be talking about “games”, I must warn you though. Be careful, don’t get addicted.

1. Canfield

Relatively complicated single-deck solitaire card game. The only disadvantage of this game is that there is no help function. It means, you have to do some research how to play it, if you are not familiar with it. Because sometimes the cards in the game move too fast to learn what is happening during the actual game.

2. Freecell

The next relatively complicated one, also single-deck solitaire card game. Just because I am an ex-semi-Freecell addict, I think it’s easier to win the Canfield. I would say it’s a lot easier to get addicted to Freecel if play on Windows, because their version includes a seed number which let you replay it. In DSL version of this game, there are no seed numbers.

3. Mastermind

The goal of this game is to drag colors from the palette located on the left side to the empty cells in the guess row, all by using mouse. Once you finish the four cells in the guess row, you must right-click on the right side of the screen to see, how did you go. If the cell has the correct color, it will be shown by one black peg. In the other case, when the color is not correct, it will be shown by one white peg. If this game is your thing, keep going and you will be able to figure out all the colors in the row.

4. Minesweeper

Some of you will remember this game from the days of Windows 3.1. The aim of this game is to clear a field of mines. Right-click on a mined square to deactivate it and normal click on square that has no mines. How many mines are adjacent to a square that has been deactivated will be indicate on the screen. One false move and you lose. You can choose from four levels of difficulty (by enter 1 as the easiest or 2,3,4). I found out that the DSL version of Minesweeper is a good time waster, but I personally recall that the Windows 3.1. Gave me more options for this game.

5. Pegged

Do you like animals? Than you will like this game. The main goal is to move thirty penguins around field with thirty-one spaces. Initially the one space is empty. A move consists of one penguin jumping over another and generating and additional space. You win this game if there is a one penguin only at the end. The best is if the solitary penguin is in the center square. But some game fans would say -You really win if you close the game menu and get back to work.